I have a 13 year old daughter. Having Investig8 has given me the peace of mind to know that if I needed to get information off of her phone, I can at a moment’s notice. I trust my daughter, but I want to know that if needed, I have a way of getting possible lifesaving information off of her phone quickly and easily.

- Cathy C. - Lake Forest, CA -

Having software that allows me to check phone logs and texts on my 14 year old daughter’s phone is incredibly helpful in order to stay aware of what my daughter is doing. It also gives me peace of mind knowing the information could be accessed should the need arise in an emergency.

- Christian H, Stamford, CT -

“My son just was not listening to me about what bad influences his friends were. I noticed he started to hide his cell phone. Once I bought Investig8 I was able to get his phone and found out that they were peer pressuring him into drugs, fights at school, and even caught him lying about where he was. This tool allowed me to get my little boy back on the right track. I recommend it to all mothers in my situation that are out there.”

- Jemma Olsen, Turlock, CA -

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