Find Deleted Texts: Investig8 delves deep into a mobile phone’s logical memory. This allows the software to pull out old texts that are no longer showing on the phone and even deleted texts. When someone deletes data from a mobile device, it is often still stored where Investig8 can find it.

Download Pictures and Videos including Deleted: Investig8’s advanced logical engine can find all types of Pictures, Videos and files stored on a cell phone. These can be deleted pictures and even ones uploaded through popular apps. Investig8 searches both the memory of the phone and the associated apps for all kinds of information.

Find out if my Employee is lying: Is your company data walking out the door? If you supply your employees with cell phones, you have the right to view their data. Investig8 can help you see who they are talking to, when they are talking to them and what they are sending those people.

Catch a cheating spouse: Investig8 was built on a forensic platform. Therefore, the software is designed to acquire data for investigative purposes. See who your partner or spouse is talking to, chatting with and sending picture to. Pull off GPS coordinates to place them at the scene of the “crime.”

Protect my Child: Investig8 allows you to see all contacts in a phone. Find who is harassing your family. Pull information off of pictures sent to your kids showing who the person is who is harassing them. Make a log of all harassing texts and calls sent to your child as well as data pulled off of apps such as Facebook, Kik and more.

Analyze my own cell phone:  Investig8 allows you to analyze your own data in multiple reports.  Easily back up your cell phone data on your computer.  Don’t trust the storm cloud to hold your data.  Use Investig8 to backup and save your cell phone’s data on your hard drive or memory stick. Keep a record of all texts, emails, calls, pictures and videos.

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